stuff we did last year.

roof for shipping container shed and new car port, with the biggest roof gutter you’ve ever seen

re did the dam (tried to stop it leaking – time will tell…)

iron wood posts for the Eastern fence line

had to deal with loads of wild dogs and our diminishing numbers of goats

new fish pond and stone paving

another veg garden bed up top


moved shipping container to car port

fixed shed roof

made new garden space up top (where the old chook/duck shed was)

new tomato garden in front of goats in the biochar/compost pile – so many tomatoes!!!

Luke made a gorgeous 3m long iron wood table with wood he milled from a fallen tree

built the deck for the house 4m x 12m


bees – moved bees into top bar hive (and starting to make more)

fencing – made iron wood posts, created new drop down fences for wet season, re-fenced the goat shack

house – finished step down level of dining/lounge area

biochar – made crushing plant/rod mill (named Eric), and loads of biochar

compost – collected trailers of buffalo and cow poo from the flood plains and composted into great piles with biochar

car park – dug out rock to make space for a car port

stonework – edged gardens and roads

gardening – mulching, weeding, planting, composting, biochar

new garden beds for tomatoes